Interwoven Digital Platforms

Interwoven into our daily lives that is!  As digital interaction and social media become more intelligent and intuitive, we can expect to see them enter every moment of our day.

An article published in the Journal of Interactive Advertising provided insight into how brands will maximize our engagement level and provide “greater connectivity between the brand and consumer”.

Social Media and Digital Platforms in our Future al Media and Digital Platforms in our Future

The article “How will Digital Platforms be Harnessed in 2010, and How Will They Change the Way People Interact With Brands by Ken Martin and Ivan Todorov, gave an example that really made me realize the potential that exists.  They refer to an iPhone tapping into a location-based service (LBS) to recognize where a customer is physically, and the ability to instantaneously offer a coupon to a store nearby.  My mind is spinning with the opportunities that this technology offers.

Another key point that the article made was the ability for a marketer to move from a  disputive model to productive one.   First get the consumer’s attention, but then offer utilities that become tools in the consumer’s daily routines.

The moral of the story is that the robustness of digital platforms being developed will offer marketers new innovative ways to reach the consumer.   I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s next!


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