Future Social Networking

An article that I just read really blew my mind.  The changes that are predicted for the future of social media and networking is astounding.

Social Networks and Social Media

At this very moment, companies are working on new tools that are :

  • portable
  • private
  • pervasive
  • platform layering and
  • productive.

The article, Social Networking: The Future, by Mark Suster, touched upon an issue that hits close to home.

According to Suster:

“I don’t want either of these mixed with the business social network in which I want to maintain the appearance that I’m “all business” and certainly don’t want to see college pictures of me in Mexico floating around. I don’t want to mix my “public network” with my “private networks.” Facebook has jumbled these all together and then tried to bandage it by making groups available. I don’t think this really solves the problem.

How many times have you thought twice about posting something because of your “friends”.  There is a difference between acquaintances, business colleagues, good friends and family.  The author mentions the fact that younger Facebook users even use pseudonyms on the site for communication with their close friends, reserving their real name for the more prestigious (safe) networking.

New specialized networks are predicted to emerge and cater to the different audiences and subjects discussed.  Until then, just call me Sue Doe Nim.


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