Which Social Networking Framework Suits You?

Organic social network - organic framework

CentralizedFramework of Centralized Social Network

CoordinatedFramework-Coordinated Social Network

DandelionFramework of Dandelion Social Network

or Honeycomb…?Framework of Honeycomb Social Network

Which framework does your company use for social networking and media?  Which one should you be using?

An article written by Jeremiah Owyang, “Framework and Matrix: The Five Ways Companies Organize for Social Business” looks at the positives and negatives of each of these networks.

How do you figure out which you are currently?…do an internal analysis.

First, determine which framework best describes the company now and then determine where you need to be.

Jerimiah hit the nail on the head by stating:  “Recognize this isn’t an org chart, it’s a cultural change. Executives and their employees must realize the social web is forcing companies to undergo a cultural change as customers connect directly to each other bypassing companies.”

Again, the changing dynamics of businesses and ways of doing business…2012 is going to be an interesting year!


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