The Long Tail Is Here to Stay

Hooray for the Long-Tail!

This savvy method of offering niche products to the masses has taken control of not only the entertainment industry, but of a larger portion of the entire consumer retail market.

As several online retailers have realized the potential of catering to the non-mega brand market, more and more online stores are following suit.   By not having to use shelf space or carry large amounts of inventory, retailers have found that there are benefits to offering more than mass-market items. 

Financially, the company makes money by selling these niche products.  Also, the company gains customer loyalty by offering these products.  In many cases, the loyalty will be compounded by the “advertising” these customers will do on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (an updated version of “and she told 2 friends, and she told 2 friends..and so on..and so on”).

The Long-Tail is here to stay…and with it stays increased diversity in our hopefully diminishing Wal-Mart world.


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