8 Reasons Why I Love “What the F**K is Social Media?”

I love, love, love the presentation by Marta Kagan,”What the F**k is Social Media?”, for many reasons.

  1. It explains that social media is not a fad, but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.
  2. It gives GREAT stats. (i.e. only 14 % of people trust advertisements, whereas 78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers)
  3. It is easy to read and comprehend.
  4. It is fun to follow with short text blurbs and engaging page layouts.
  5. It offers great quotes: “Content is the new democracy and we the people, are ensuring that are voices are heard.”
  6. It has great graphics:(i.e. Man giving “the finger”….ha!)
  7. It offers 5 simple steps: Listen, Participate, Relinquish control, and Engage, and Don’t F**k with people.

    Which brings me to the last point of what I love.

  8. According to Kagan, part of the engagement is to “Make’em love you or hate you (just don’t leave them indifferent)”.  Taking his own advice, his presentation has the shock factor of using the altered “F-word” 6 times and “The finger” once.

Perhaps some would find this offensive and would hate this presentation.  I, however, LOVED it.  Either way, Kagan was successful!


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