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Future Social Networking

An article that I just read really blew my mind.  The changes that are predicted for the future of social media and networking is astounding.

Social Networks and Social Media

At this very moment, companies are working on new tools that are :

  • portable
  • private
  • pervasive
  • platform layering and
  • productive.

The article, Social Networking: The Future, by Mark Suster, touched upon an issue that hits close to home.

According to Suster:

“I don’t want either of these mixed with the business social network in which I want to maintain the appearance that I’m “all business” and certainly don’t want to see college pictures of me in Mexico floating around. I don’t want to mix my “public network” with my “private networks.” Facebook has jumbled these all together and then tried to bandage it by making groups available. I don’t think this really solves the problem.


Social Media for Reputation Management

As social media and networks expand, so too does the responsibility of a company to manage their reputation and brand using the tools available.

I read an interesting case study in the Journal of Marketing Management

Using social media for reputation management

Corporate Reputation in the Era of Web 2.0: the Case of Primark” by Brian Jones, John Temperley and Anderson Lima.  The article examines the way Primark used the social web to handle a potential public relations nightmare.  After a BBC broadcast aired about the company’s unethical labor practices, Primark bypassed the offer to respond via televisions and instead built a micro-website to address consumers directly enabling corporate transparency and stakeholder involvement.


Interwoven Digital Platforms

Interwoven into our daily lives that is!  As digital interaction and social media become more intelligent and intuitive, we can expect to see them enter every moment of our day.

An article published in the Journal of Interactive Advertising provided insight into how brands will maximize our engagement level and provide “greater connectivity between the brand and consumer”.

Social Media and Digital Platforms in our Future al Media and Digital Platforms in our Future


Using LinkedIn Contacts to Become Kevin Bacon

As you may notice, I really like the examples given in Paul Gillin’s book, “Secrets of Social Media Marketing“.  The power of LinkedIn can be harnessed through contacts assembled.  A local North Carolina publicist built a national reputation for himself through the tool.


The Twitter Master!

Just finished reading about a Twitter enthusiast in Paul Gillin’s Secrets of Social Media Marketing book.

Paul has so many great ideas and examples in his book, as well as on YouTube

and SlideShare:

View more presentations from Paul Gillin.

At the time of press, this individual had more than 3,500 followers.  As of today, there are 73, 609 followers. Amazing!


just finished creating a entire social media plan…whew!

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