Why Twitter?

A friend of mine recently asked, “why should I be on Twitter, I have a Facebook account?”  After I explained the different reasons, I opened up my e-mail and Voila…a huge discussion about this very subject was being discussed in one of my LinkedIn Groups.  It is also all over YouTube.  How timely!

It seems as though many people do not understand the value of a 140 character “Tweet”  the first time they see Twitter.  They do not see the value in the immediacy of interaction and the wide reach of information available in terms of education and resources within and industry or subject. Twitter wining in social media marketing

An article by Eunju Lie, “When It Comes To Marketing, Twitter Destroys Facebook”, there are 165 million registered users and 100 million tweets sent a day.  Businesses see the value in:

  • Effectively sharing updated videos on their Twitter profiles, instead of just repeatedly tweeting messages.
  • Marketing to a more sophisticated audience in terms of using technology and social media.
  • Being easy to use on third-party applications through features such as scheduled tweets and searches.

Twitter is well-poised for 2011.  According to Sysomos, 2010 was a good year for Twitter, and not merely because the company announced  it has secured another huge round of funding. The microblogging platform has grown by over 100 million users this year and expanded its staff from 130 to 350 people.

So, back to my friend, I recommended she take another look to understand the potential of this tool.  And, what do you know, she has already tweeted twenty times today!

…for her future reference:


The Long Tail Is Here to Stay

Hooray for the Long-Tail!

This savvy method of offering niche products to the masses has taken control of not only the entertainment industry, but of a larger portion of the entire consumer retail market.

As several online retailers have realized the potential of catering to the non-mega brand market, more and more online stores are following suit.   By not having to use shelf space or carry large amounts of inventory, retailers have found that there are benefits to offering more than mass-market items.  More

Future Social Networking

An article that I just read really blew my mind.  The changes that are predicted for the future of social media and networking is astounding.

Social Networks and Social Media

At this very moment, companies are working on new tools that are :

  • portable
  • private
  • pervasive
  • platform layering and
  • productive.

The article, Social Networking: The Future, by Mark Suster, touched upon an issue that hits close to home.

According to Suster:

“I don’t want either of these mixed with the business social network in which I want to maintain the appearance that I’m “all business” and certainly don’t want to see college pictures of me in Mexico floating around. I don’t want to mix my “public network” with my “private networks.” Facebook has jumbled these all together and then tried to bandage it by making groups available. I don’t think this really solves the problem.


Social Media…”App”-cept the changes

In the world of social media, new application, plug-ins and widgets are created daily.   To be up-to-date with the updated technology, diligence is required.

I started a course in Social Media this past October.  In these past 2 months, I have witnessed first-hand updates and upgrades on and for several different sites.  Among these include Facebook, Twitter, and HootSuite.  In addition, there are so many different applications and plug-ins that have been created for the Web 2.o, with new ones arriving on the scene daily.  In fact,  I just read the following article:

5 Excellent WordPress Plugins To Add Social Media Buttons On Your Blog

I must admit that 3 out of the 5 were new to me, one of them being Digg Digg (no, not Digg the crowd-sourced news site…Digg Digg, a WordPress plug-in that enables you to post articles on various social media networks.)

Digg Digg Image

Digg…Digg Digg…I will bet that there will be a Digg Digg Digg very soon.